Pretreatment is the first step in wastewater treatment or drinking water production plants. This consists of removing solids (waste, sand, etc.) from the water to allow subsequent treatments in an optimal manner. Through the various suppliers distributed by Brault Maxtech, this may involve steps of screening, sieving, grit removal and other related equipment.

Turo® Vortex Pumps with full recessed impellers for grit and high concentration solids

AquaGuard® and Helisieve® Perforated Type Fine Screens and Hycor® Rotating Drum Screens

Wastewater Fine Step Screens with 0,5 to 6 mm openings Washpress and Hygienic Bagging Systems Forced Vortex Grit Systems and Grit Screw Classifiers Septage Stations for Septic Sludge Screening Shaftless screw conveyor

ROTAMAT® RoK 4 M Vertical Fine Screens for Pumping Stations RakeMax® MultiRake Bar Screens for Coarse and Fine Screening for Deep Channel ThermWin® system for heat recovery from wastewater

Rex and Link Belt Traveling Water Screens

HeadCell®, Grit King®, SlurryCup® and TeaCup® Free Vortex Grit Systems Free Vortex Combined Sewer Overflow Systems Vortex Drop Shaft Systems

Manual, Semiautomatic and Automatic Selfcleaning Filters

Screw Pumps for Installations in Concrete or Prefabricated Channels