This involves disinfecting the water by destroying the pathogenic microorganisms present in order to make it suitable for human consumption or for discharge into the environment. For drinking water, the technologies used are mainly chlorination, ultraviolet radiation and ozonation. In the case of wastewater, it is mainly UltraViolet. Ozonation is, however, increasingly used in factories whose objective is to remove residues from pharmaceutical products.

Ozonia® Ozone Generators

UVSwift/ UVSwiftSC/ UVTORRENT/ VIQUA Low and Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Disinfection for Drinking Water Trojan UV3000Plus/ UV3000PTP/ UV4000UV/ UVFIT/UV SIGNA Ultraviolet Disinfection for Wastewater Advanced Oxidation UV/H2O2 for Taste and Odor Removal, Algal Toxins (cyanobacteria) Destruction

Clearwell Floating and Fixed Baffles

Gas Chlorination Systems Chemical Dosing Analysers and Controllers

Sodium Hypochlorite and Mixed Oxidants Onsite Generators

Ultraviolet Disinfection for Industrial Water Low and Medium Pressure Including food and Beverage, pharmaceutical, electronic, fish farms Ozone and chlore destruction, and COT reduction