The sludge generated by water treatment, whether from wastewater or drinking water, must often be thickened (gravity or dynamically) or dewatered to reduce its volume.

In the latter case, there are several applicable technologies: Filter press, Centrifugation, Rotary press, Screw press. To go even further in their elimination, they can even be stabilized, or even upgraded by aerobic or anaerobic digestion, which requires equipment for storing, mixing and managing the biogas generated

Finally, we also offer ultimate means for sludge elimination, either by thermal drying or incineration in a fluidized bed furnace.

Monsal Advanced Anaerobic DigestionSystems Biosolid fluidized bed incineration Thermylis

Rotary Presses for Municipal and Industrial Dewatering Applications

Thickeners with ThickTech® Rotary Drum

Biogas Blowers, Vacuum Pumps and Oil Free Screw Compressors

Anaerobic Digesters and Mixing Systems Heat Exchangers

Dry Polymer Preparation Systems and Emulsion Polymer Activation Systems Sludge Screw Conveyors and Spreaders

Conveying Systems with Shafted, Shaftless or Vertical Conveyors

ValmetTS Inline Sludge Measurement Transmitters for Total Solids up to 40% Valmet DS Gravity Sludge Measurement Transmitters for Total Solids Valmet LS Filtrate Measurement Analyzers for Total Solids up to 5000 mg/l

Westfalia Centrifuges for Sludge Thickening and Dewatering

Rotary Lobe Pumps Multichoppers for Sludge and Grinders for Wastewater

ROTAMAT® RoSQ3 and RoS3 inclined screw presses for sludge dewatering.

Piston Pumps for Dry Cake Screw presses for Sludge dewatering Live Bottom for Storage Silos and Hoppers

JetMix® Jet Mixing for Sludge Biogaz storage