Who We Are

Our vision has always been to provide the best equipment available in partnership with world renown manufacturers in Canada, the United States and elsewhere in the World. The professionalism of our staff, combined with the high-level technical expertise of our manufacturers, allows us to provide high-performance and innovative solutions for all your water treatment projects

The involvement of our employees at each stage of a project is essential and is part of Brault Maxtech’s culture. Our dedicated team is the guarantee of our success and one of many reasons to work with us. Support to our customers during the initial project stage, equipment manufacturing and final installation is of the utmost importance and is an integral part of our daily work.

After installation follow-up as well as training of your staff allow us to ensure the optimal operation and performance of our technologies for years to come. We also take care of you well after equipment start up. With our preventive maintenance service team and parts offering, long life performance and reliability of your equipment is assured while maximizing profitability on your investment.

With our top-of-the-line manufacturer’s portfolio, we offer drinking water and wastewater treatment equipment for all steps of the treatment process. Whether it is pretreatment, aeration, disinfection, sludge treatment, digestion or any other technology, we will be there to help you meet your requirements.

Brault Maxtech will always be there for you.

Municipal sector

List of exclusive manufacturers for the province of Québec - Municipal sector.

Industrial sector

List of exclusive manufacturers for the province of Québec - Industrial sector

Our Team

Nicolas Minel

Nicolas Minel


Clément Cartier

Sales Director

Marc-André Labelle

Technical Representative

René Dumas

Technical Representative

Marlène Lessard

Administrative Assistant

Françoise Baron

Operations Manager

Maxime Archambault

Technical Services Manager

Ismail Hankaoui

Technician de service

Adda Omrane

Technician de service

Danielle Tourangeau

Accounting Representative